Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kiteboarding Lake Isabella

Kiteboarding is a brand new sport for us, but it allows recreation in yet another Sierra environment: windy lakes! With the newer technology that allows full-depowering of the kite, sudden gusts are not an issue anymore. Last week, we flew the kite at Lake Isabella in the Kern River Valley. Completely surrounded by scenic mountain views, this lake almost always has wind. Perfect!

Here is a short video of our first real day kiteboarding:

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  1. Hey is that you Dave? Are you doing that technical stuff already?
    Hmm Looks so easy but I know it is not. Must be Alli taking the picture.
    Lake Isabella is certainly the right lake for wind. It will probably become the kite surfing mecca of Southern California. ah

  2. Ya man!

    I originated from bako no live on the island st croix us virgin islands
    We kite about every day here I allways wondered if people were kiting there and it looks so
    How is the winter kiting there?
    I will be I'm bako for Christmas may bring a couple of kites and tricks

  3. The wind actually has been good lately...but its hit or miss in the winter. its just freezing though! I'd bring a dry suit.

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